“Rapidly Improve Severe

Aches & Pains

By Releasing Joint Stiffness 
Which Is The Root of Your Aches!

(Without Spending Thousands on Experts or Massage Chairs!)

By Releasing Joint Stiffness Which Is The Root of Your Aches!

(Without Spending Thousands on Experts or Massage Chair!)

Empowering Thousands To Get Their Life Back

Join us if you’re one of the 72 million Americans (1.5bn globally) who suffer from and really want to end their chronic pain!  






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Why Stiff Joints And Not Tight Muscles?

Watch Jessica Explain Why BackHug De-Stiffening Her Joints Is The Only Thing That Really Works For Her:

BackHug Works Stiff Joints - And Tight Muscles - To Relieve Your Aches

Yes, BackHug was created so that sufferers like you, who have tried everything without success, can quickly alleviate your severe aches and pains through the release of joint stiffness in your back, at home! Let me show you how it works. BackHug:

  • Applies pressure to key points in your body with human-sized robotic fingers (so they get in deep - not just to the muscles but into the joints too)
  • ​ Gives you PERSONALIZED treatment that meets your individual needs to solve your specific problems and suit your unique body
  • ​Spreads the therapeutic benefits across your back to your entire body!

BackHug Gives You The Treatment You Need To Get To The Root Of The Problem!

Yes, BackHug Gives You The Treatment And Therapy You Need To De-Stiffen The Joints In The Center Of Your Back. BackHug:

  • Uses 26 Human-Sized Robotic Fingers!
  • Works The Joints In The Center Of Your Back!
  • ​Adapts To Your Back Shape And Size!
  • Personalizes Settings In Real-Time!
  • ​​Lets You Choose One Of 2,000+ Treatment Programs!

Personalize Your Treatment

Personalize Your Treatment EXPERIENCE So It Meets Your Specific Needs… Change any of the settings in real-time with a few taps of your phone, so you always receive the best treatment for you, every time you lie on the device!

Take an Expert Consultation

Follow the in-App questionnaire as it walks through your specific needs step by step with you as part of a detailed assessment. Using my physio expertise, the App will convert your answers into a treatment program on the BackHug that works just for you…

It's a good idea to take regular “follow-up consultations” - so your treatment is always up-to-date!

Monitor Your Progress

While you're enjoying your session on your BackHug, the device will be monitoring the level of relaxation in your back, using our cutting-edge ‘Spinemap’ feature. That means, you will always know how much deep, therapeutic relaxation you just got from each session, no matter how often you use BackHug!

You can check the effects of BackHug on your body after each session, and learn about how its impact changes over time.

Why Joints Not Muscles

The Center Of The Back Is A ‘Passageway' Between The Brain And The Rest Of The Body. If Joints In The Back Become Stiff, They Affect Our Entire Body!

Joints In The Back Become Stiff And Rusty, Just Like A Rusty Bicycle Chain, And That’s What Makes Your Muscles Tight And Sore, Which Eventually Causes Aches And Pains.

Watch Demo:

In Less Than 30 Minutes, You Can Experience What Would Have Taken Your Therapist Weeks (or Massage Guns Months or even years) To Do.

  • Let 26 Human-Sized Robotic Fingers Go to Work!
  • Loosens Joints In The Center Of The Back!
  • Adapts To Your Back Shape And Size!
  • You Can Personalize Settings in Real Time

BackHug Gives You THE TREATMENT You Need To Release Stiff Joint In The Centre Of Your Back!

Can You See Why So Many People Just Like You Are

Switching To BackHug?

June Rodger

 Living with Multiple Sclerosis

Louise Marshall

Tension Headache

Paul & Michael

Chronic Aches And Pains

John Vickers

Living with Multiple Sclerosis

Orlando Aguilon

Chronic Aches And Pains

Fizza Hussain

Aches And Pains

Phil Coombes

Chronic Aches And Pains

Alison Peebles

Living with Multiple Sclerosis

Andrew Johnson

Aches And Pains

Testimonials shown describe the real experiences of BackHug users. Their experiences and any results they experience are personal, not typical, and your experience may be different from theirs and will depend on your age, gender, nature of your aches and pains, stress level, diet, personality and other factors beyond our control. Please note that BackHug is not a medical device. BackHug is an automated back tension releasing device that helps people with muscle soreness and aches and pains relieve their stiffness and tightness in the neck, shoulder blades and back. We make no claims about any medical benefits or any specific medical symptoms.**

Your Questions Answered:

  Is BackHug similar to a massage chair?
No! Massage chairs treat muscle tightness. BackHug treats joint stiffness. Massage chairs use large balls and rollers that move up and down the neck and back but can't get to your joints. BackHug uses human-sized robotic fingers that go deep into the knots and stiffness in the joints of the back, neck and shoulder blades.
   Can I install BackHug by myself?
Yes! But we strongly advise you to get help when you move it, because it weighs about 88.2lbs (40kg). Otherwise, the rest is easy, and it takes 5 minutes to complete. Take BackHug out of the box and put it where you will enjoy it the most. Put the plug into a socket. That’s it really!
  What happens at the end of subscription?
You have two options at the end of your subscription period (both 12 and 24-months). If you want to keep using your BackHug and enjoying the health benefits, no need to do anything. Your contract will automatically continue on a monthly rolling basis. If you want to return your BackHug for any reason, you can do so after your subscription period has ended free of charge at any time by giving us 30 days' notice. But remember - if you keep your BackHug subscription for five years in a row, you own the device.
  How can I return my BackHug within the 30 day trial period?
You need to notify us of your decision by emailing us at support@paclamedical.com before the 30 day trial period ends. You need to package the device securely in the same box that was used for the delivery. Then, we will arrange for a FREE collection using a delivery company.
  Do I have to pay anything if I return my BackHug sooner than the agreed contract period?
Yes! If you decided to return the device earlier than the initially agreed on the contract, you will be asked to pay the balance that was specified at the time of the contract.
  What happens if my BackHug breaks down?
If the issue is software related, we will solve the problem remotely with a software update. If the issue is mechanical, we may arrange to collect your device and return it to you after repair. Alternatively, we may send a technician to your home for an onsite repair.
  How often should I use BackHug?
Normally, we recommend using BackHug 2 - 3 times a week in order to achieve significant benefits. Some of our customers use it every day, whereas others use it when they need it, for example when experiencing stress, muscle soreness or aches and pains.
 Can I use BackHug if my skin is easily bruised from pressure?
No! If you bruise easily, please do not use BackHug. You will find out if BackHug is for you or not during the first 30 day trial period. BackHug applies deep tissue pressure which can result in temporary marks on your skin or bruising. If you are concerned, increase the gap between your sessions to allow your skin to recover. Alternatively, you can reduce the strength of the fingers or wear additional clothing to prevent bruising.
  Is BackHug a medical device?
No! BackHug is currently not classed as a medical device. Therefore, we do not claim any symptom improvements for any medical condition. For more information, please read HERE.
  Can I use BackHug if I have scoliosis?
Please consult your physician regarding your specific medical condition. Because our product is not classed as a medical device currently, as a matter of principle, we do not provide specific advice concerning medically diagnosed conditions. For more details, please read HERE.
 Do I need a smartphone to use BackHug?
Yes! A BackHug device can only be operated with the BackHug App, which you can download on your smartphone. Any phones using Android 4.4 and iOS 10 and above will have no problems. We continuously update the App so you can experience an even more personalized and improved treatment experience.
  • Radically new approach using patent-protected technology to heal the source of your aches and pains!
  • All-in-One App that gives you total control!
  • ​1-to-1 in-App chatbot consultation to assess your specific needs!
  • 2,000+ treatment options… because everybody’s aches are different!
  • ​​Guided meditation by meditation guru Andrew Johnson, creator of the first ever meditation App!
  • ​​Back relaxation monitoring to show you the progress you are making towards your healing goals with every session!

We have limited quantities available. order now before we sell out again.

Don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity to end the source of your chronic aches and pains for good!
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Copyright © 2022, Pacla Medical | All Rights Reserved | 21 Lansdowne Cres, Edinburgh EH12 5EH
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